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Margarita and Francisco are each natural stone connoisseurs in their own right. Together, they are visionaries and have become a driving force for innovation in their industry. They have re-imagined the way stone is sourced and purchased, bridging the gap between old-world access and modern convenience in a way others deemed impossible.

Having spent her entire professional career in the natural stone industry, Margarita is uniquely adept at translating earth’s oldest and most precious artworks for modern applications. Her keen awareness of converging trends in fashion, art, and interior design keep Stone Boutique on the leading-edge. The proof is in her work. She built her previous company from the ground-up into one of the largest single-location stone distributors in the country. It was acquired by the world’s largest stone producer.

With over 30 years of relationship-building experience in the industry, Francisco brings more than boots-on-the-ground practicality. He’s traversed backroads and bustling cities to make meaningful and lasting connections with the keepers of the world’s most exclusive quarries. His access is unparalleled, and is organically-sourced through long-nurtured friendships. His perceptive nature is matched only by his passion for delivering an experience worthy of you. In that pursuit, he is a force to be reckoned with.

In 2022, Stone Boutique was acquired by Architectural Surfaces, a leading importer and distributor of natural stone, engineered stone and tile for residential and commercial applications. Francisco and Margarita are thrilled to leverage the benefits of a strong national partner to help drive innovation and growth. Stone Boutique is committed to their focus on clients and providing the absolute finest quality materials on the market today.

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