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After 30 successful years in the natural stone industry we saw a glaring need for change. Why, in an industry focused on beauty, design and luxury, was the buying process so grueling? Hot, dusty warehouses, an inability to view extensive slab options efficiently, confusing price structures, and unreliable processes went against everything we wanted to offer you.

We knew the experience could be better – and we knew we could make it better. It took bold ideas, sweeping change, and a passion to deliver an experience worthy of you and as unique as our product.

In 2016 we began our journey to launch an unmatched, leading-edge process that’s accurate, efficient, and engaging, delivering a superior experience in stone-buying, all from the comfort of our elegant and welcoming showroom – or even your home.

Our iconic stone isn’t the kind you can source from your local warehouse. Our slabs are the rare ones. The ones coveted by keepers of the world’s most exclusive quarries and uncovered only by rigorous expedition. Armed with 30 years of deep industry relationships, we scour the earth to find not just the rarest and finest stones, but the most unique slabs among them.

For us, discovering a once-in-a-lifetime slab is a magical experience. Over the course of our first 30 years in the industry, we watched in awe as pieces forged by the history of the world’s most intriguing places were unearthed, only to be delivered to you—the customer—through lifeless, inefficient, and frustrating processes. It wasn’t good enough, for you or for us.

That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to bringing the passion, the details, and the relationships home to you in a bold and revolutionary way. We’ve rattled the industry standard, leveraging our patented technology to pioneer a new start-to-finish purchasing experience—one that honors the rich and storied legacy of our exclusive stone.

Where the best in product

meets the best in process

We pride ourselves on delivering precision, efficiency, and confidence to our buyers and aim to become your most trusted resource.

Here’s a look at some of our work.

Jean Liu Design "Stone Boutique works tirelessly to find exactly what our clients need while making us look like rock stars." Jean Liu Design
Blue Agata Semi Precious Stone Origin: Italy Product inquiry Blue Agata
Nero Levanto Origin: Italy View gallery Nero Levanto ...
Jennifer Welch Designs "Stone Boutique is tenacious in their pursuit of the perfect slab." Read more Jennifer Welch Designs ...
Bianco Laser Macchia Vecchia Origin: Italy View gallery Bianco Laser ...
Arabescato Corchia Origin: Italy View gallery Arabescato Corchia ...
Croco Origin: Italy View gallery Croco ...
Negresco Origin: Brazil View gallery Negresco ...
Arabescato Corchia Origin: Italy Product inquiry Arabescato Corchia
Chad Dorsey Design "Stone Boutique helped me find the perfect slabs of marble. The showroom’s technology for creating the perfect bookmatch for the installer is amazing." Chad Dorsey Design
Doniphan Moore Interiors Doniphan Moore Doniphan Moore Interiors
New Opal White Origin: Italy View gallery New Opal White ...
Arabescato Extra Origin: Italy View gallery Arabescato Extra ...
Dunbar Road Design "It is truly the highlight of my day when I get to take my clients to experience the Stone Boutique Way” Dunbar Road Design
Taj Mahal Origin: Brazil Product inquiry Taj Mahal
Arabescato Corchia Origin: Italy Product inquiry Arabescato Corchia
Bianco Lasa Macchia Vecchia Origin: Italy Product inquiry Bianco Lasa
Calacatta Borghini Origin: Italy View gallery Calacatta Borghini
Black Port Origin: Italy Product inquiry Black Port
Emerald Quartzite Origin: Brazil Product inquiry Emerald Quartzite
Calacatta Cielo Origin: Italy View gallery Calacatta Cielo ...
Dean Fearing "Going through the stones with Francisco and Margarita was an experience in itself." Read more Dean Fearing ...
Mont Blanc Origin: Brazil Product inquiry Mont Blanc
Palissandro Ivory Origin: Italy View gallery Palissandro Ivory ...
Bianco Gioia Origin: Italy View gallery Bianco Gioia ...
Nero Levanto Origin: Italy View gallery Nero Levanto ...
Corteccia Origin: Italy Product inquiry Corteccia
Bianco Laser Macchia Vecchia Origin: Italy View gallery Bianco Laser ...
Quarzo Rosa Origin: Italy Product inquiry Quarzo Rosa
Oyster White Extra Origin: Italy Product inquiry Oyster White Extra

At the Stone Boutique showroom, you can expect an experience as refined and natural as the stone you buy. Our process ensures that from rendering to reality, there are no surprises. Our design and technology capabilities are efficient, seamless, and comprehensive.



Our patented technology has rendered the dreaded and time-consuming slab selection process and purchasing process obsolete. We welcome you to our visualization room, where our high-resolution digital gallery makes every slab in our exclusive, hand-sourced inventory available for you to effortlessly view and inspect in detail.



We render your unique slab selections into your custom elevations to create extremely detailed, three-dimensional, photo-realistic renderings that provide you with an exact vision of the stone in the space and ultimate control to review options and approve final designs.



If you wish, we can arrange for a short visit to our warehouse viewing area where your top slab selections will be ready and waiting for your final inspection and approval. You purchase your chosen slabs directly from us with total pricing transparency. No confusing pricing structures.

Experience the process



Our technology communicates the approved design specifications precisely. We provide an easy-to-follow roadmap for your fabricator, facilitating exact replication of your approved rendering, and bridging your dreams to reality.

We know stone.

We love stone.

Experts in our field



Margarita and Francisco are each natural stone connoisseurs in their own right. Together, they are visionaries and have become a driving force for innovation in their industry. They have re-imagined the way stone is sourced and purchased, bridging the gap between old-world access and modern convenience in a way others deemed impossible.

Having spent her entire professional career in the natural stone industry, Margarita is uniquely adept at translating earth’s oldest and most precious artworks for modern applications. Her keen awareness of converging trends in fashion, art, and interior design keep Stone Boutique on the leading-edge. The proof is in her work. She built her previous company from the ground-up into one of the largest single-location stone distributors in the country. It was acquired by the world’s largest stone producer.

With over 30 years of relationship-building experience in the industry, Francisco brings more than boots-on-the-ground practicality. He’s traversed backroads and bustling cities to make meaningful and lasting connections with the keepers of the world’s most exclusive quarries. His access is unparalleled, and is organically-sourced through long-nurtured friendships. His perceptive nature is matched only by his passion for delivering an experience worthy of you. In that pursuit, he is a force to be reckoned with.

In 2022, Stone Boutique was acquired by Architectural Surfaces, a leading importer and distributor of natural stone, engineered stone and tile for residential and commercial applications. Francisco and Margarita are thrilled to leverage the benefits of a strong national partner to help drive innovation and growth. Stone Boutique is committed to their focus on clients and providing the absolute finest quality materials on the market today.

Our promise now and always,

is to put you first.

Your vision.

Our expertise.


1532 Slocum St
Dallas, Texas 75207 | (972) 635-4000

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